Rates on a Sliding Scale

I am committed to providing acupuncture at a reasonable rate, that also allows me to build and sustain a practice in the over-inflated Bay Area. I want you to be able to receive acupuncture enough to get and stay well. I want to be part of changing what healthcare looks like in the U.S. And, I want to challenge our reliance on Insurance and Big Pharma - two systems that have ruined equitable, fair, and decent medicine and healthcare in this country. Everyone is guaranteed the same thorough and consistent care, regardless of what you pay.

Jaadu Sliding Scale:  $60 - $125.

You decide how much you can pay. When you are able to pay at the higher end of the scale, you make it possible for me to see multiple patients who need to pay at the lower end. All payments support the clinic's success, so that it can grow into more days, continue to offer services at a lower rate to folks like you and yours doing work to change social, economic and environmental conditions toward freedom. It also allows me to take time to incorporate multiple modalities of Chinese medicine: moxabustion, cupping, herbs, and to integrate my somatic coaching and healing background.
It is up to you to decide what is affordable for you. I don't verify income, or even believe that income is the only marker that indicates what is affordable. I am always willing to talk this through with you. It can be very hard to decide what something is worth based on our means. And, we often over- or under-assess our access to resources.
I will see patients below $60. These spots are primarily committed to social justice workers and community organizers. Please consider paying above $60 if you don't engage in this kind of work - it helps the clinic survive, and supports these folks to access reasonable healthcare and healing services for well-below market rate.
Other considerations you may have:
·      You have debt that you are currently paying off (i.e. school loans, credit cards, etc.)
·      You are in transition or just regaining financial stability
·      You will benefit from getting more than 1 acupuncture treatment/week (we want acupuncture to serve you and sometimes that means coming 2-3x/week. If this is the case, pay less per treatment if needed)
·      Some other reason that you know limits your access to resources

I also ask that you not pay less than what you can afford. A few more considerations to keep in mind:

●      You have access to resources beyond your income (i.e. family, partner, retirement, savings, etc.)

●      You pay other practitioners (chiropractors, therapists, naturopaths, etc.) at their full rate. While I want you to be able to access all the providers you need, this clinic will not succeed if you pay lower than what you're willing to offer other practitioners.

●      We make choices all the time what to spend our money on – going out to eat, to drink, going on vacation, cell phone plans, hobbies, education, etc. I ask that if you are choosing to receive care here, it is prioritized amidst all these other choices.  

●      A good question to often ask yourself is: what would I be willing to pay for this care if a sliding scale weren't offered?

My goal is that you and this clinic thrive.


I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  This means if you cancel, miss or re-schedule within 24 hours of your original appointment, you are asked to pay a $60 cancellation fee. Please make every effort to make your scheduled appointment time, or change your appointments prior to the 24-hour window so others can access your spot if you can't make it. 

If you are 15 minutes or later for your scheduled appointment, I cannot guarantee that I can see you. This does count as a missed appointment if I'm unable to take you.

I take cash, check, or credit card. I do not take insurance, however I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you can try to use with your insurance provider.